Cable Tray
The Cable trays are the essential systems, designed to protect and the power and signal cables. These facilitate expanding, reconfiguring, upgrading and repositioning the networks. Apart from mechanical protection, these offer flawless routing path for control and power cables.
Light Pole
The Light Poles provide many important benefits. Also, these promote safety in urban areas. Quality of life and safety on streets are ensured by these lighting solutions. These give safety to drivers, pedestrians and riders.
CCTV Camera Pole
The CCTV Poles we deal in are made to support comprehensive security systems. It gives accurate and highly visible video coverage. These are apt for access control, barriers, intrusion detection, etc.
Octagonal Pole
Octagonal Poles enable easy installation, galvanized make and durable construction. These poles have easy maintenance, sleek design and beautiful make. These are resistant to rust, oxidation and impairment.
Ladder Cable Tray
The Ladder Cable Trays have been designed to work as the durable supports for cables that provide complete mechanical protection. They are not intended to be used as standings, support and walk ways. These trays are made to resist the damage.
GI Octagonal Pole
The Gi Octagonal Poles we offer are utilized to illuminate industrial sectors, private residential areas and commercial locations in a secured way. These have been designed with the outreach arm and are made accessible as per the customer specifications.
MS Poles
The MS Poles are of high tensile strength, high impact strength, good ductility and improved weld ability. These have good ferrite content, high malleability and durable make. The poles are the poles of cost-effectiveness and improved functionality.
Flag Mast Pole
The Flag Mast Poles can be used for the offices, colleges and other establishments. These poles are useful for public buildings. They are the symbol of dedication and respect. Provided high-quality poles are made from the all-weather materials.